Columbus, Ohio Is Becoming An Increasingly Popular Place For Young People To Live

For years, young people have traditionally flocked to coastal cities. Places like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles have reputations for being fun, cool places to live. Cities in the Midwest, on the other hand, were typically seen as being boring, with little appeal for the younger generation.

Columbus, Ohio, however, has made a real effort to change all of that. Today, this growing city is attracting more young people than ever. In fact, it is quickly becoming one of the trendiest places for millennials to live.

This change has occurred for a lot of different reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because of a major push by the city to change its image through social media. Today’s young people grew up using social media. Because of that, there is no better way to reach them. The city takes advantage of this by promoting photos and posts showcasing the fun and interesting activities that are available in the area. From craft breweries and trendy restaurants to biking, they try to showcase what the city has to offer.

The city itself has also focused on growing the local art scene. Bringing art into an urban area automatically elevates it, making it more attractive and inviting.

Ohio State University is also located in the city. With nearly 45,000 students, it automatically gives the city a youthful culture. There are plenty of fun and interesting bars and nightclubs to visit. Spreading the word about all of the fun activities in the area has helped draw people in from coastal cities.

The city is also doing its best to get Fortune 500 companies to invest in the area. Bringing businesses like these in is an excellent way to attract young people. The more high-paying job opportunities there are in an area, the more likely people are to move there.

Finally, one of the biggest draws of the city is the affordable cost of living in the area. Compared to large cities on the coasts, housing prices in Columbus are extremely low. This makes it an attractive place to live for people who are just starting out. Young people who couldn’t possibly afford a home in San Francisco or New York find it much easier to settle down in a place like Columbus where housing prices are still reasonable.

All in all, the young population in Columbus, Ohio is growing with no end in sight. Although it may never match the “cool” factor of coastal cities, it definitely does have its own unique appeal for many millennials.